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We help prepare and successfully manage projects using the appropriate project methodologies and techniques.

We help with the establishment and setting up of a project office - PMO - to standardize the approach to project management within the company.

We help companies with the management of IT projects both in the pre-project phase and in the actual implementation of the projects.
We believe that every project is important regardless of its size and deserves high quality project management using the appropriate project management techniques.
We do not believe that a successful project is based solely on the number of certifications a project manager has, but that it is also created by her/his personalities, so-called "soft skills", and how they connect with the specifics of the project. Not every project manager is able to manage every project.

We have experience in managing projects of various sizes and complexity, dealing in crisis management and in managing a portfolio of several projects - program management, both on the part of the supplier and the customer.
We have extensive experience with managing the implementation of ERP systems based on SAP solutions.

We are experienced in manufacturing, finance, telco, public, utilities and in the pharmaceutical industry.

We can help with the establishment and set up of a project office - PMO - in cases of medium and large companies. We define the standardization of the approach to project management across the entire company via the implementation of the appropriate processes, methodologies, controls and tools.

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